Celebrity memoirs, autobiographies, and self-help books are all the rage, but what makes Girls star Lena Dunham’s stand out is that she actively avoids the old cliche topics that seem to be recycled from publication to publication; she admits, in her adorable self-effacing way, that she isn’t a mother, a businesswoman, a dietician, or a sex therapist. She’s herself, and that’s certainly book-worthy. 


Her text, Not That Kind of Girl, is a welcome confessional, sprinkled with what are sure to be relatable tales of romance gone wrong and workplace sexism. Hoping to save fans from feeling all alone in our young person awkwardness, she explains herself and her mission simply: “I am a girl with a keen interest in self-actualization, sending hopeful dispatches from the front lines of that struggle.” 


The book will be released October 7… but a few days ago, Lena Instagrammed a sneak peak of her cover! Avoiding the ever-popular celebrity portrait cover, she opts for a classic 1960s era Valley of the Dolls/ The Woman's Room-esque bold font, cleverly referencing the lady authors who helped characterize her legendary mother’s time and putting her thumb right on the pulse of Women’s Liberation. Gorgeous!


Thanks to USA Today and EW

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