Lena Dunham’s Instagram Gem: Her Letter to a Sexpert


Is Lena Dunham the awesomest or is she the awesomest? This morning, the Girls creator/writer/actress/goddess posted a [long-ass] letter written to and answered by Time Out New York’s resident sexpert, Jamie Buffalino.

“What a rite of passage! I feel like I’m in a Judy Blume novel: Are You There Jamie? It’s Me, Margaret,” she asks in a long, LONG letter asking for advice about being a virgin at 19. (Jamie’s advice back to her is priceless.)

 The letter takes up the space of three Instagrams but is total vintage Lena (#tbt #2005 #virgin) and is worth reading “six ways to Sunday” (whatever the hell that means).

Peep this amazing throwback Thursday below!

All photos via Dunham's Instagram

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