Lady Gaga Looks Normal For Once at Friend's Wedding

If I'm going to be completely honest this is the first I've heard about Lady Gaga for months, but let's forget about that for a minute.

Recently Gaga went to Mexico for a high school friend's wedding and as it turns out, she looks totally subdued as a bridesmaid. Just wavy blonde hair and a soft peach dress. There was nary an absurd colored wig or shawl constructed of slaughtered Kermits. Thank goodness.

I'm proud of her for taking this route. Though I gave my best friend the go-ahead to have a mohawk as my maid-of-honor (I dunno, we were 15...) the truth is most people don't want to be outshined by their bridesmaids on their wedding day. And I don't know about you, but if I put my famous pop star friend in my bridal party, I would be pretty pissed off if she showed up with a goddamn giant lobster on her head.

Either way, Gaga looks gorgeous here. Can't deny that. 

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