Kaki King - Junior

By Kelly McClure in Music


Have you ever watched a video of Kaki King playing guitar? It's kind of insane. Her fingers move so fast across the strings, and yet she makes it all look so easy breezy. I've spent the majority of my morning today listening to her fifth release, Junior, which Rounder Records released on April 13th, and it's really making me want to take up guitar lessons again. A little more rock than 2008's Dreaming of Revenge, this album opens with "The Betrayer" which sounds almost ominous with King singing, "I did this to you, yes I did/I had my own life to save." As with all her other records, King spreads out the tracks in a "one for me, one for you," way - with every other one (for the most part) being an instrumental piece. I prefer the tracks with lyrics, personally, but her compositions did herald a "this girl can really play," from my Dad - which is no small reward. 


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