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The Bunny Years

A blog where I talk about being bipolar, being a girl, being a person, and being alive. I post my own photography and talk about art and poetry a lot. Hope you enjoy reading!

The Junky's Wife

A wife's ruminations on her husband's heroin addictions and sometimes recovery

The Karma Slap


My blog, and many others after it, will be dedicated to that person that comes out of work from a good day to find that someone hit her car and ran. That person whose childhood angst is a permanent part of her adult life despite everything she does to put ...

The Lunchbox Assassin


I'm the secret dirty little note in your lunchbox.

The Reparenting Experiment

33 WEEKS, ONE AGE PER WEEK, JUST THREE RULES, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. 1)Spend one week per age. 2)Meditate daily. 3)Laugh. Like all of us, I did not have control as a child. And so, I did not have the awareness or the power to be pro-active in my brain's ...

Vegans Taste Better.

A lovely look at the life of a veracious vegan, including: ♥ vegan recipe posts every monday [& some days in between] ♥ interviews with vegan celebrities [& pseudo-celebrities] ♥ vegan product reviews ♥ eco-friendly living tips ♥ original vegan t- ...