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Keeping My Curves

A price savvy shopper who is in the domestic peace corps journals her triumphs and failures in weight loss and shopping. Her goal to be stylish,no matter what size but the price is always right.

Leetle Girl in the Big World

Hilarious blog detailing a recent college graduate's "missteps on the road to adulthood."

Let's Just Dance Fibromyalgia & Life Blogger

I enter the second half of MY century as the mother of an adult son, a teenage son, and my manx cat and BFF Allison. Also, as an INFP personality type and a sufferer of fibromyalgia and related physical limitations. Not for the faint of heart, folks!

Linda's Yoga Journey

Cathartic musings and occasional rants about my trips to India to study my heart's passion, and my sweet adventures along the yoga path..."yoga is about Life." — T. Krishnamacharya


Voice of reason for the eating disordered. Former Paris model at 16, now 39 year old mother of two, shares hell experience in order to knock some sense into young women of today seeking only to be thin and beautiful.

Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress

Naked Lady in a White (Silk) Dress is a blog that looks at the engagement process and wedding industry / culture from the point-of-view of a burgeoning feminist and nude art model.


My trials and tribulations of becoming a plus-size athlete.

the ramblings and scramblings of a sober woman, trying to find her way home with an internal compass that has trouble recognizing true north. Sobriety Cats and Goats

Painting an Everchanging Canvas

Painting an Everchanging Canvas is a blog about Serena's college and post-college life as a "nontraditional" student pursuing the arts yet planning to stay in Silicon Valley, her spontaneous globetrotting adventures and mishaps, and the various ...

Polka Dot Bop

This is an irreverent look into a jobless 24-year-old's surprisingly chaotic life. Follow me while I deal with the aftermath of pressing the reset button. I'm starting from scratch and the world looks very different from this perspective.

Rob's Self-Development Blog

News and views from the self-development industry my quest for a life at sea

Stephanie Katz is a young woman from the Northeastern United States who writes about her adventures on the ocean. She discovered sailing at 21, and after some years working office jobs, finally decided to make a go of pursuing her life's passion: sailing. ...


My name is Rachael and I've begun exploring the art of self-employed creativity after deserting a library science career which kept me yawning and unfulfilled. I spent my first seventeen years in Natchez, Mississippi and since leaving home have only lived ...

Spirituality & Curls

My vlog where I discuss a lot of New Age topics, my personal experiences, and show off my curls as a proud, bi-racial, "other" female. Lots of love to you all! xoxo

Suicidal No More: Living with Schizophrenia

This blog describes my life with Schizoaffective Disorder, formerly diagnosed as Schizophrenia. I am a feminist activist and an advocate for mental health awareness, insurance parity, and outreach to people who live with mental illnesses (also called cons ...

Sunny Sings The Blues

Cultivating plucky blooms from the fertilizer of grief.

sweet daily muse

A Current Affair With My Hectic Life.

The Adventures of Shrinking Sah

The tale of a girl called Sah who wants to feel comfortable in her own skin - and the adventures she has on the way... A blog I started to document my personal weight loss journey.