The Reparenting Experiment

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33 WEEKS, ONE AGE PER WEEK, JUST THREE RULES, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS. 1)Spend one week per age. 2)Meditate daily. 3)Laugh. Like all of us, I did not have control as a child. And so, I did not have the awareness or the power to be pro-active in my brain's formation - in how I interpreted the world. In my case, unfortunately, this means that I interpret the world now through lenses of fear. And of inadequacy. I catch myself wishing that I felt I was worth more. Wishing that I felt entitlement. Wishing that I could get into my brain and tweak it, and re-wire it, so that it would transmit positive signals to myself. Especially ABOUT myself. Instead of ourselves being in control as children, our parents (hopefully) take control for us. And of us. However deliberately and effectively they do this, of course, varies from family to family. I am not interested in making this blog about the particular hardships of childhood. But instead, regardless of what they were - be it poverty, divorce, abuse, neglect, or various other circumstances - my intention is to make this blog about filling the voids that manifested as a result of the inevitable flaws of parenting. And, so, I want to re-parent myself.