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Career and Executive Coaching The Wherewithal

Helping you find the career that's right for you and giving you the wherewithal to succeed.

Career Counseling & Coaching Services

Andrea King, MS, NCC has successfully counseled/coached thousands of women over the last ten years on career related topics. She is currently accepting new clients both locally and nationally. Services include: -Career Counseling, Coaching, and Advisin ...

Career Girls

Candid career advice for twentysomething divas. You Gotta Work.

Everything a girl needs to build or create careers that don't suck.



Our big idea is that if each of us makes little changes in our daily lives that the net effect will have a huge impact on both our health and our planet’s health.

Esculon Says: marketing, pr and running a biz in NYC

What does it take to run a business with your boyfriend, do your own PR, work full-time in the financial industry and live in NYC?? Read to find out!

GenPink | A New Generation of Women

GenPink is about being a twenty something woman. Letting others know how our generation is different than those before us. We are career women, single & married, girl friends, and individuals. There is a delicate balance in being an individual and being p ...

Overseas Jobs Express

If you want to work abroad, this is the site to visit. You can read stories from the paper, buy the paper and work-abroad books, or search for an overseas jobs online. Research by Overseas Jobs Express proves more women than men are adventurous enough t ...

Passion Parties by

The Ultimate Girls Night In ! Having a Passion Party is a great way to spend the evening with your friends. You'll giggle, you'll learn and best of all-we'll show you ways to spice up your life.

Team Building is for Suckers

Laurie Ruettimann is a self-identified atheist, punk rock, Human Resources professional who writes about Human Resources, Corporate America, and opting-out of the rat race.

The Green Ninja

Freelance writing for pleasure and profit. Everything you need to know to begin your online freelance writing career.

The Resume Hero

A professional service which provides resumes and cover letters written and designed to reflect your industry and personality.

Women Can Do Anything

An online magazine for women entrepreneurs, providing inspiration, education and support in both business and life.

Women For Hire Career Expos

Visit for our schedule of free career fairs for women, jobsearch and career advice, and more.

Women With Moxie

Women With Moxie is a casual business networking opportunity for creative business women in Sarasota, Florida.