Persimmon Jewelry

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I make handmade quality unique jewelry out of metal, resin, vintage findings and semi precious stones. I have been feature on the front page of Etsy several times as well as Etsy gift guides. I love creating, I love fashion and I love unique!
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by938flores, July 21, 2010
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Every time I wear one of my Persimmon Jewelry pieces I get compliments from total strangers! The jewelry is incredibly unique. I pick the Persimmon Jewelry that I want to wear first, AND THEN choose an outfit to match it. There is such a wide variety of styles to choose from, I'm sure there's something at Persimmon Jewelry for every one. Of all my jewelry, I feel like Persimmon Jewelry helps me express myself the most!
I have a large collection of Persimmon Jewelry and I agree that I get more compliments on those peices more than anything else I wear. The cuffs and rings I have are all made by hand and are set beautifully. The attention to detail is impressive, the pictures really don't do justice. Plus, communication with Gracie, the owner and designer is really prompt and positive. She made a few custom orders for me and I'm really happy with them.