American Handcrafted Jewelry

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The mission of MUSE is to bring the finest of American Handcrafted Jewelry to the public. The jewelry we showcase is carefully selected for its' timeless beauty, value, originality and craftsmanship. The pieces incorporate elements such as; origami paper, stained glass, polymer clay, enamel, stainless steel, rubber, diamond dust, fused glass, castings of natural objects and original paintings.
MUSE carries the work of over fifty American artists, many of whom hail from New England, and is the only store in Rhode Island or Massachusetts dedicated solely to showcasing American Handcrafted Jewelry. MUSE offers a wide range of sterling silver and vermeil jewelry for every budget, as well as 14k and 18k gold pieces. We now offer a diverse collection of the most unique and beautifully crafted wedding bands on the market as well as the opportunity for customers to work directly with artists to create the wedding band of their dreams. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on the fact that nothing we carry is mass-produced or the product of unfair labor laws.