Betty's Back. She's Hot...in Cleveland? - BUST

Yes! Betty White will be a more permanent fixture on TV, this time as a recurring character in a new series premiering on TV Land in June, “Hot in Cleveland.” According to a company press release, White will play the “snarky but loveable…property caretaker” to a home of other bankable small screen names—Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves and Valerie Bertinelli. If only the premise of the show felt a little less disturbing.


Apparently Malikc, Leeves and Bertinelli are on board a plane that makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. On land they become so enthralled they decide to stay. Huh? Three adult women with nothing in their lives that can’t be dropped? So we suspend disbelief for the sake of the show, then we’re back to the fact that Betty’s a “caretaker” as opposed to an owner. Okay, the writers have their work cut out for them. Maybe that’s why they’ve had to go with four of the most likeable characters in television history. Maybe it’ll work. Let’s hope.



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