Say It Ain't So, Ireland! - BUST


The Guerrilla Girls have made their way to Ireland so you know what that means...sexism in the arts is under attack! Project Ireland has been unveiled and yes, the campaign is just as informative and to the point as their previous ones. (Sorry for fuzz, Busties! Check out the website for a crystal-clear look)

If you're in Ireland (hello to my sister) you should definitely make a point to visit the ladies/guerrillas while they're out and about. Tomorrow they'll be at the University College Dublin from 6-9 pm, Oct. 1st they'll be in Belfast/Portadown at the Millennium Court Arts Centre from 6-9 pm, and Oct. 2nd you can take a look-see in Belfast at the University of Ulster from 1-3 pm. Whew!


Photo courtesy of The Guerrilla Girls