Countdown to HP6 - BUST

If you're one of those people that never picked up a Harry Potter book or rolled your eyes when people said things like 'muggle' and 'expelliarmus' then you can skip ahead to the next blog post now (or read Potter 101 and be converted!) However, if you're like me and discovered Harry Potter in elementary school, used it to work bedtime magic on your child, or were any age in between when you found the book, then you've likely done some growing up alongside the series.

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Harry Potter opens in theaters nationwide tonight at 12:01 a.m. and a few of the coolest BUST interns will be there to watch the magic unfold all over again. Every time another book or movie goes by, I feel like my childhood is flying along right with it, so I almost don't want to go. (Confession: I didn't even read the final book until last year because, at age 19, I didn't want Harry Potter, and my symbolic adolescence, to end.) Now I know that the loony costume-clad fans present at every midnight showing will never let HP die, and that's so great. Still, if you're a fan and would like to revisit the captivating magic of Harry, check out these short video interviews with a dozen of the HP cast members as they reflect on growing up in the wizarding world and the evolution of their characters. ~Hannah

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