The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear two cases that will set the precedent for whether or not a company has the right to refuse birth control to its employees, even if it is a part of federally-mandated health insurance. 

Knick-knack store Hobby Lobby was quite peeved when they found out that pesky Obamacare meant their employees had free access to birth control. Now, they are taking their crotchety malcontent--under the guise of "traditional Christian values"--to the Supreme Court. 

Jay Carney, a White House spokesman, said that the Obama administration believes  “this requirement is lawful and essential to women's health and are confident the Supreme Court will agree.”

On the opposite side of things is former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum. He equated Hobby Lobby's decision to refuse birth control as an expression of religious beliefs, and therefore should be protected under the First Amendment. 

Hmm...Maybe things have changed since my day, but I'm pretty sure the First Amendment has another oh-so-relevant part to it that declares the separation of church and state.

Here's to hoping Sonia Sotomayor asks Mr. Hobby Lobby to quote all of the Bible passages where Jesus talks about NuvaRing.


Thanks to Raw Story and The New American

Image via Women's Health

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