Is Octoplet Mom an Angelina Wannabe?

I've been on the side of Nadya Suleman ever since the story broke that the octoplet-baring woman was single, jobless, and already had 6 kids to take care of. Yes, it is irresponsible for her to have so many children that she can't provide for. Yes, it may have been irresponsible of the Fertility Doc to implant 6 embryos. But I don't like the idea of a fertility doctor making decisions about how many babies a woman should have -- no matter what her circumstances. Women who don't use IVF very often have more babies than they can handle; should doctors refuse to be involved in the delivery of those babies? Do you really think anyone should be in a position to decide this sort of thing for a woman? It's a very, very complicated issue, people.


That said, I had a hunch this Nadya just might be a bit of a weirdo the fist time I saw her interviewed--and it had NOTHING to do with her gigantic brood. Instead, I was offput by her giant lips -- it looks to me like she's had major collagen injections, and that kind of freaked me out. What kind of mother of 6 with no job spends her money on collagen injections?

I never made the connection that she might be some sort of Angelina Jolie wannabe until a commenter mentioned that in Emily's post yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking about that idea ever since I read it, and then this morning they made the connection on the Today show, and it's been postulated in articles here and here and also, a bit more weirdly, here.   For an overworked mom, Nadya sure does seem to have a lot of time to get her nails done. Or can we chalk that up to simply preparing for a high profile television interview?

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