Ingenious Young Entrepreneur Makes Daring Business Dive (Involving Legal Weed and Girl Scout Cookies)


Attention everyone! We may have a new future leader of the free world. Or at least, the free-to-be-me-and-stoned world. Thirteen year old Danielle Lei grabbed the attention of news outlets everywhere after selling 117 boxes of cookies in 2 hours. Her place of business? The local marijuana dispensary. 

I know, right? She’s a pint-sized genius. For any of us that have ever had to sell something door to door, I’m sure you can recall having a near that personal hell, and the meltdown you had after one too many homeowners politely told you that they “weren’t interested this year, but good luck on the next one!” And you’d look despairingly back at your mother and beg her, please, mom, for the love of god, can we just go home already and pressure our family members to buy them all.
Not this girl. She saw a cash cow and went straight for the jugular, and I will slow-clap her all the way to the bank. Or the Girl Scouts Cookie Sellers Hall Of Fame. Whichever comes first.

After glancing over the comments on a few of the media outlets that have covered this story, it’s apparent that not everyone approves of a young girl "immersing herself in the green” community, but I don’t really see the problem. "Immersing" and "manipulating for the benefit of an organization that she believes in" are not one in the same. If you want to teach a child the basics of succeeding in business, you need to teach them to concept of supply and demand, and how imperative location is for your business.
I’m not exactly sure what the Girl Scouts of America’s policy is on the legalization of marijuana, but I do know from first hand experience that they DO want to teach girls to be empowered entrepreneurs and leaders, and in order for any business person to succeed, they have to adapt to the market. If that market happens to be the blazers looking for a sweet fix while they hit their legal grass, so be it. I think most critics are just jealous they didn't think of it first. 

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