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Size Matters

Sorry to break it to the guys, but, yea: it does! But for more reasons than you'd think. has the deets...



The new site from Dr. Pega Ren, is new and improved, featuring both archived and new kink-, GLBTQ-, and sex-positive articles, news, reviews, information, and resources.

Somatic Coaching & Sex Ed with Felice Newman

As a somatic coach and sex educator, I help people who aren’t satisfied with their sex lives whether because something isn’t working or because they see the possibility of more. Author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book (Cleis Press).

Speak Sexy


Always Provocative, Always Erotic - Educational, Cheeky Discussions about All Things Sexual! Written by a female Sexologist.

Stiletto Diaries

My little bedroom on the internet. I talk a lot about polyamory and the emotions involved while having an open marriage. There are a lot of adult product reviews thrown in, along with some sexy photos and hot erotica!

Strippers Sydney

Sirens The Agency represents some of the most professional Sydney Strippers, Promotional Models & Bikini, Lingerie and topless Waitresses.

Sultry Smile

Delivering the latest, greatest, and weirdest sex toy news and reviews.

Swinging/Swapping 101: Intro to the Lifestyle

Are you in a committed, healthy relationship? Do you and your partner enjoy a satisfying sex life but seek more adventure? Have you considered joining a swinger's website or club, but felt unsure? Whether you're interested in finding out more about partic ...

The Blushing Ladies' Journal

The Blushing Ladies Journal: Romance and relationship advice from erotic romance authors.

The Clothes That Got Me Laid

The world's only site that lets readers from around the world submit stories about the times they got laid, along with info on what they were wearing at the time! (Or rather, just before.) Addresses a topic everyone wants to know about (i.e. what should ...

The Cunting Linguist


No bullshit discussion of real issues facing sexual people today. No judgment, no hassle, no fakery. Open to questions from the public. The Cunt takes all comers.

The Dinah Project


The Dinah Project is a resource aimed at women everywhere who want information, support and a place to express their thoughts. This, so that every woman can find pleasure in being exactly who she is.

The female condom

The only official website of the female condom. The female condom is the first and only woman-controlled contraceptive barrier that protects against both unintended pregnancy and STDs, including HIV/AIDS...and it feels fantastic!

The Good Authority


Some people have suggested that a group called the Evil Slut Clique couldn't possibly be a good authority for information on important issues. This blog is our way of really annoying those people. The Good Authority is your source for research-heavy, fact ...

the greener side


the quirks and perks of sustainable technology, and making our bodies and beds greener

The Internet Escort's Handbook

A series of reference books not just for escorts but for any curious bystanders. The site includes plenty of useful links and an informative blog.

THE LINE Campaign

THE LINE is a film that explores the intersection of sexual identity, power and violence. How do we negotiate our boundaries as sexually liberated women? How much are we desensitized to sexual violence? Through conversations with football players, educato ...

The Persian Courtesan


I am a practitioner whose base is real world experience coupled with advanced education. I offer sex coaching for couples and individuals of either gender as well as consulting services in the areas of spirituality, business, law, artistic expression, po ...



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