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Ruby Tells All

Sex and relationship advice from a no-nonsense nympho. Plus a dash of erotica and sexy anecdotes.

Sacred Sex and Tantra

A great site for articles, practices and information on Tantric practices. Free personals, community forums, teacher and workshop references and an online catalog with over 130 products.

Sacred Slut Weekly

An erratic, ecstatic and long-winded weekly journal at Sacred Slut from womens erotica writer and publisher Heather Corinna.

San Francisco Sex Information


San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) provides anonymous, accurate, non-judgmental information about sex. If you have a question about sex, we'll either answer it or refer you to someone who can. Our volunteers undergo extensive training in all aspects ...



An online magazine of sex-positive stiletto feminism. What Playgirl and Cosmopolitan wish they were!

Self Serve

Self Serve is a fun and welcoming adult sex toy retail store and sex education center. Through our store, website and adult toy party service, we provide the opportunity for women and others to learn about sexuality and their bodies while shopping for hig ...

Sensual Kiss


Hostess Lingerie & adult toy party get your favorites for free on an average $ with 10 buying guests receive $220. For under $20. 28 year experience home parties company looking for reps in you’re area earn 40% ON WEB SITE SALES CHECK OU ...

Sex & Moxie

Free dating/sex related blog. Ask a question and get feedback.

Sex Ed 101


Honest sexual health resource for young adults and parents wanting to know more.

Sex etc....

A sex blog that includes everything from how to's, to reviews, to discussions of the overlap of the psych world and the sex world. Not just gay or straight, vanilla or kinky, but a little bit for everyone. Just a girl trying to demystify sex and have a li ...

Sex Toy Parites,, Need Reps in your Ar...

How to give advice to women about sex... We have a training program that will assist you in being more successful with our home party plan. Myself and many other women have been able to quit working for corporate America and now party for a living! Thi ...

Sex Toys through the eyes of a designer

What makes a sex toy designer? iesza jessica's recipe is: A little disappointment in the regular fare in the xxx shops, a tad of design sense, a scoop of sculpting ability, a pound of mold making knowledge, a pinch of a love of the arts and/or history ...


Discussions by women on sex, relationships, sexual health, women, men, family, parenting, life and all the humor that goes along with it all. Not to mention we talk about sex and fries. It all leads back to sex and fries. Fries represent our vices and the ...

SEXETERIA: This is Your Brain on Sex

Warm heapings of frank talk about sex, life, and whatever else strikes my fancy, served up to you by a fearless femme in a sexy, sexy hairnet. (Not a porn site.)

Sexual Evolution


News, opinions and reviews on sexual politics, culture, porn, toys, and doin' it... because you don't think about world affairs every 6 seconds.

Sexual Information 101

Sexual tips, information, birth control, stds, pregnancy, dating, games, and much more.

Sexuality Talk - Information on Toys for Women

Sexuality Talk covers choosing a sex toy for women--materials, types of vibrators, understanding lubricants.


Sex Ed for adults- sex positions, forums, ratings of the best condoms, lubes, etc...

Sexy Is for Everybody

Feminist website dedicated to democratizing sexuality, beauty and kink with a humorous edge. Also: naked people.



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