Campaign for Women's Lives

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Your body is the one thing in this world that is 100% yours. No matter what. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do with it. So when politicians in Washington talk about passing laws about what women can do with their own bodies, remember –

They’re talking about YOU.

Decisions about your life should be made by you, and decisions about your health should be made between you and your doctor. Decisions about your sexual life, especially, can be some of the most difficult and complex decisions a woman will ever make.

But it is a woman who should make those choices, not the government. The privacy of everyone's sexual health is threatened when our reproductive rights are threatened.

Threats to rights that women face have never been so systematic and coordinated, and the lives and health of women have never faced such peril.

Coming off the March for Women's Lives, the largest public demonstration on the National Mall in U.S. History, please join the Campaign for Women's Lives. Events are coming to your community.

Help organize. Spread the word. Your life depends on it.