Kitty Stuart

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KITTY STUART IS THE MAVERICK RELATIONSHIP MENTOR, AND A FIRST CLASS “ SEX-PERT” As seen on Oprah Depending on whom you ask, Kitty Stuart is either every man and woman’s fantasy date or their worst nightmare. Never one to mince words or walk the line of conservative etiquette, Kitty has taken on the world of dating and relationships with her own outrageous style. Known as the Maverick Mentor, Kitty is the voice and the consciousness of what women everywhere really think, but rarely will admit to. She’s a beacon of light in the murky trenches of dating and relationships. Kitty’s point of view on relationships may seem warped because she thinks outside the boring beige box. Her opinion is, “if you stay on the hamster wheel of dead end relationships for too long baby, one day you might wake up next to a troll.” Ms. Kitty isn’t for the faint of heart. With her razor sharp sense of humor and no holds barred style, she takes on the ridiculous way men and women both gay and straight play the war games of dating and relationships with full throttle sarcasm and style. Kitty Stuart kicks ass. “Darling, how many women can tell you how Elvis was in bed? Well, I can, baby. And, I will!” Kitty has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest stars and leaders of industry. She even married one of the richest men in America; billionaire Dwight Stuart of the Carnation family. Her extraordinary success with relationships as well as her personal horror stories has garnered her national attention and she’s been a guest expert on many shows from MONTEL to OPRAH. Kitty has been featured in numerous magazines articles and has been the subject of specials for the Discovery Channel, Women’s Entertainment Network and heavens forbid, National Geographic. Her production company, Kitty Stuart Productions, is currently in production with several projects. Kitty will host, KISS AND TELL, which promises to give THE MAN SHOW a run for their money. When Kitty talks about how to survive in a relationship or how to win in the dating war, women and men listen. Like road kill, you just can’t take your eyes off her. Her advice on “How to build a love corporation with you as the CEO” would leave most men weak in the knees. And her advice on how to create a “Hot men on ice file in one week” is considered a must have for single women of any age. Howard Stern and Tom Leykis, look out! There’s a new red head on the block. Have you seen Kitty on You Tube in “ Kitty’s House of Pussy? ( no it’s NOT porn!) HINT: Kitty's last boyfriend was a dark eyed Latin god. He was 26 and she was going to marry him, but even he came second to her beloved cats on the bed. Kitty's men must past the "pussy test." Kitty is a free lance writer and life mentor who has helped hundreds of woman find their extraordinary, and their inner Cougar. --