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A Bi-Friendly Place


Your free bisexuality resource center. Bi articles, bi interviews, bi erotica, bi poetry and more. Join our free email discussion group.

A Girls Nite Out


Naughty Girl Parties. We come to your house.location and do a presentation of Sensual products, Toys, Lotions & Lingerie. We also provide educational pamphlets. Please Vist our site for more information

A Passion Party by Susan

Host a Passion Party and earn free goodies. Enlighten your friends with tips to spice up their love lives. Become a consultant and ear 40% on products that are easy to sell! Everyone loves talking about sex.

A Spicy Relationship


Spice Up Your Relationship with free guides and articles on role playing,lingerie, adult toys, sex and more.

All About My Vagina


Curious exploration and fun with too much information! There is an encyclopedia of my vagina, and a zine with themed issues.

Ask Beth

Planned Parenthood has always been a trusted source of information about sex, birth control, pregnancy, STIs, relationships- you name it! So, if you have a burning question (or just a little burning)send Beth your questions or just check out what other ...

Ask The Couch


Ask the Couch offers advice to embarassing questions you couldn't ask in sex-ed

Ava loves

Ava loves. A blog about all the things cute, kawaii, quirky, weird and indie. About indie crafts and crafters, wrecked journals and wannabe DIY. About lomography cameras, roller derby and escapism. About all the things Ava loves.

Being Woman


Your Guide To Healthier Living.

Blacksilk's Boudoir

Blacksilk's Boudoir is for kink, sex, revelling in being absolutely filthy and doing what makes us feel fucking fantastic. I love discussing sex and all things related, so expect erotic writing, sex toy reviews, rants, tips and pictures galore!

Brown bags aren't just for lunch anymore!

A Brown Bag Party is the most fabulous time that you will have with your girlfriends! Host a Brown Bag Party and not only will you and your guest preview the newest sensual products available, but you will receive Free Items!What’s amazing about Hos ...

Campaign for Women's Lives

Your body is the one thing in this world that is 100% yours. No matter what. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do with it. So when politicians in Washington talk about passing laws about what women can do with their own bodies, remember – They’r ...

Canadian Women's Health Network

The Canadian Women’s Health Network ( is a national non-profit organization. Our website is one of the premier Canadian portals to resources, news, and information about women’s health.

Cherry TV - "Juicy Talk for Women"

Cherry TV is a video website for women about sex. The content features experts and everyday women exploring -- in an entertaining, nonjudgmental way -- sex-related issues that affect the sex lives of women. Cherry TV provides relevant information, detail ...


A female friendly site that aims to educate visitors about female masturbation and sexuality. Both guys and girls welcome as are reader submissions.



Condomhall is a student volunteer organization dedicated to promoting good student sexual health. We want to help students prevent stds, AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Condoms are discounted for students. There is condom education and condom advice.

Daze Reader


Weblog covering sex, culture, technology, art, ideas, but mostly sex.

Dear Ikey: Advice from a Bumbling Redhead


Advice you won't get from your mother, your sister or your best friend. Frank discussions on life, sex and whatever.