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Wealth is a feature-length film about the relationship between Americans and the objects they own.
Working out from the living rooms and stores of a former factory town fallen on hard times, Wealth looks at objects, and at small town America. With this backdrop of apparent economic decline, the film sets the stage for a revelatory portrait exploring American material abundance; the things that fill our store shelves and closets, backyards and dumpsters.
Shedding light on objects in dusty corners and bathroom cabinets, the film is a commentary on something happening across the United States. How does our American culture shape our relationship to our possessions, to our practices of buying, sharing, using, and throwing away our things? What can a close inspection of our material world tell us about the state of our economy and about the story of American wealth that we, and the world, tell?
Color / USA / 65 min / 2008
By Amelia Bryne / Phoebe Sullivan
w/ music by The Frequency