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Archer House Movie

Dark comedy short about a Texas sorority

Coming Out Soon Productions presents BAR TALK

The NYC-based production company behind the lesbian film fest hit BAR TALK (now "out" on home video).

Fatal Promises

Fatal Promises, a controversial new documentary by award-winning film-maker Kat Rohrer and her journalist mother, Anneliese Rohrer travels the globe to offer an in-depth and honest expose into the ‘invisible’, growing crime that is human traff ...

Girl Wrestler documentary site


a site for GIRL WRESTLER, a documentary that follows 13 year-old Tara as she wrestles boys competitively.

Girls Rock! The Movie

A website for the documentary about the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. Come join the online community!

Grrlyshow: the movie


a movie about girl-zines and girl-zine makers

Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography


Hot and Bothered: feminist pornography is a documentary that takes a rare and empowering look at the porn industry and feminist community to see how they intertwine within the politics and poetics of female sexualtiy.

Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land

This is the site of the female-directed documentary about the little-known Israeli punk music scene.

Spunky, quirky, fun pro-gal flick!

Help get "High Maintenance" the movie made! Three girls dare to be different, become auto mechanics and open their own garage.

Tammy Town


A Website devoted to Tammy Town, an independant movie being made by Phoebe Owens. Includes Tammy Illfigure (with rad gear to get!!) and an on-line journal chronicaling the makings of an independant film

THE LINE Campaign

THE LINE is a film that explores the intersection of sexual identity, power and violence. How do we negotiate our boundaries as sexually liberated women? How much are we desensitized to sexual violence? Through conversations with football players, educato ...

The Mary Van Note Show: Gavin Really Wants Me

The Mary Van Note Show follows Mary on a special personal quest: to get the boy of her dreams. This boy, however, is not just anyone. He’s Gavin Newsom, San Francisco’s famous and rather handsome mayor. Each episode features Mary as she runs t ...



THE SPEW is a public access comedy skit show starring Shaina Feinberg and Julie Showers. It airs the 3rd Sat of every month in Brooklyn on BCAT Channel 56 at 7:30pm.


This piece started out as an adaptation of a very short story by Fernando Sorrentino called “There Is A Man in the Habit of Hitting Me Over the Head with an Umbrella”. I felt like the umbrella thwacking could be metaphorical for so many situations but r ...


Wealth is a feature-length film about the relationship between Americans and the objects they own. Working out from the living rooms and stores of a former factory town fallen on hard times, Wealth looks at objects, and at small town America. With this b ...

WHEN IS A CIGAR JUST A CIGAR?/FUNdraising for completio...

Social issue documentary celebratiing the Cuban cigar as a symbol of the former good relations between the US & CUBA. One in a series of documetary stories from Cuba made possible to audiences in the USA. If you don't see what you want in our catalog Aqua ...