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Bunny in a Bottle Productions

We are fun ladies who like to make fun films for other fun people to watch...and have fun.

Health Care Nightmare

No matter what side of the health care debate you sit on there is no denying that there are huge problems with the health care industry in the United States. In this PARODY/SATIRE Tomboys in Fishnets skewers many of the issues including gender bias, ambul ...



Films, writings and events mixing Myths and Fairy Tales, and also Lisa's Blog.

Pixley Flix


Independently produced documentaries on stuff like surfing, exploring ones bellybutton and love.

Shut Your Sass Mouth! films

Fun, feminist films by Jacquie. Lots of glitter, comedy, cats, silent films, and sass!

Tomboys in Fishnets

Videos, news and opinions from L.A.'s original all-girl sketch comedy troupe.