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In the latest episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner parades Julianne Moore through Times Square as she performs monologues from her films. But instead of getting a paycheck, she’s working for tips and competing with creepy fake Elmos. This is possibly the most uncomfortable Billy on the Street video yet, and that's saying something. Moore pulls some emotional punches and even cries in front of strangers. She also does a monologue from The Big Lebowski that involves a lecture about vaginas. Props to Eichner for making some kissing teens feel awkward. Read More
After years of making Broadway audiences swoon, actor Cheyenne Jackson became a small-screen star in 2009 with his recurring role as Danny Baker—a TGS cast member who has a fling with Liz Lemon—on 30 Rock. Now, the 40-year-old triple threat has taken up residence at a decidedly scarier address, Hotel Cortez—a fictional downtown L.A. location at the center of the latest season of American Horror Story. Read More
  On a recent episode of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner created an obstacle course inspired by Shonda Rhimes and her many TV hits, and taking on that obstacle course  - which Billy called "Gay American Ninja Warrior" - was the one, the only Amy Sedaris.  A few of the physical challenges pay homage to Shonda Rhimes's many achievements, like "bursting through the glass ceiling at ABC" and "the NAACP Image Award ball pit." Others poked fun at some of the more ridiculous aspects of the TGIT shows, like Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Read More
The Bedford Stop is an Internet-reality show about a group of friends living in Williamsburg, and it lacks so much substance that I could cry. You know when you're sitting around with your friends, and someone says, "You guys, we should have our own show," and you all laugh and are like, "Ya, it would be so funny," but deep down you know that it wouldn't be that funny? That deep-down feeling needs to get relayed to Alex, Olena, Sarah and Melissa, the four main characters in this millennial tragedy of an online production. Read More
Recently, I’ve become completely obsessed with The Knick. The what, you ask? The Knick is an episodic TV show that’s airing on Cinemax, which explains why you’re probably not watching it (sorry, Cinemax). Luckily for HBO subscribers, the first 10-episode season was briefly available on HBO Go, but it went away as of Oct. 31, so you’ve missed that opportunity. I watched a few episodes on HBO Go before it was cruelly yanked from me, and then actually sprung for the entire season’s rental on Amazon. And I suggest you do the same. Read More