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Margaret Cho is blowing up the Twittersphere in support of a legalized sex-trade. These tweets might give you a new perspective on how you view sex-workers and the industry at large. Maybe our worries about prostitution are more to with our hang-ups and less about protecting people. 1. Could the sex-trade be empowering and not just exploitative?   2. Could prostitution be a way for victims of sexual abuse to reclaim power?   3. Why do we equate rape and prostitution?   4. Is the idea of a woman in charge of her own body just too scary?   5. Read More
Look around this Halloween: When you see your co-worker dressed as a witch at your company Halloween luncheon, make the mental note that what you are really looking at is a gynecologist. Every "sexy witch" out at a Halloween party Saturday night is really a gynecologist. And that little girl trick-or-treating in green face with an unfairly lumpy nose? She's a gynecologist too. Anytime you see a pointy hat or a magic wand, please know that what you are really looking at is a stethoscope and a speculum. Read More
Human rights organizations are up in arms over Amnesty International’s decision to create a policy that supports the decriminalization of sex workers on a global scale. The #NoAmnestyForPimps campaign launched at the beginning of this month in an effort to combat the Amnesty International’s decision -  Wait, so what’s the deal here? On Aug. 11, Amnesty passed the decision to support the human rights of sex workers at its International Council Meeting, where delegates from around the world meet to decide on policy. Read More
  Earlier this week, the sprawling conglomeration of music, film, tech, and interactive media festivals known as South By Southwest made the despicable and shockingly naïve move to cancel a panel on harassment in gaming, as well as a panel on “journalistic ethics” in gaming, after receiving threats from the online misogynist troll movement known as Gamergate. The panels were "#SavePoint: A Discussion on the Gaming Community” and "Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games." These can be summarized in two categories: pro and anti-Gamergate, respectively. Read More
Art is my life and my life is art. A lot of people, including myself until quite recently, know Yoko Ono for one majorly negative thing: allegedly breaking up the Beatles. Even now, her name is used as a synonym for "evil female interloper." But Yoko Ono is so much more than that: she's a very important feminist role model. Like many women, Ono's identity has unfairly disappeared into her husband's. We think of her more for who she loved and who she married than what she personally accomplished. Read More