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Last night, Gloria Steinem sat down with Roberta A. Kaplan at the New York Public Library and talked about feminism past and present, LGBT rights, intersectionality, her abortion at age 22 and so much more. Gloria Steinem, of course, is a feminist icon who’s been working tirelessly for women’s rights since the 1960s; Roberta A. Kaplan is the LGBT activist and lawyer who successfully argued that the Supreme Court invalidate a crucial section of DOMA in United States Vs. Windsor. The first question set the tone for the night, with Kaplan talking about her experiences as a lesbian. Read More
On Halloween 15 years ago, I was raped. I was 15, I was a virgin and I don’t know who did it. I’m not going to go into any more details except to say that it was as traumatic as you’d expect, and for a while my life really, really sucked. This is not an article about being a rape victim or a rape survivor. It’s not an article about the emotional after effects or how I came to terms with what happened. Read More
An average American woman uses 16,800 tampons in her reproductive lifetime. That’s 16,800 times inserting a foreign object into our bodies, a foreign object we know very little about. For about a week every month for however long we are fertile, a tampon is cozied-on-in-there next to some of the most sensitive, absorbent skin the body has to offer. Ideally, these tampons are soaking up our flow, making our lives easier and stain-free, but we need to consider what our bodies are taking from the products while they’re busy at work. Read More
Spring Valley High School in South Carolina is getting a lot of attention right now, as this video of a school resource officer forcibly removing a black teenage student from her desk has been seen by millions in the past 24 hours. According to a report by WIS, Officer Ben Fields was called in to escort the girl out of class after she refused to leave.   The officer has roughly manhandled people before. The New York Daily News reported that Fields violently arrested a black veteran, Carlos Martin, in 2005. Read More
In a must-read interview earlier this week, Gloria Steinem sat down with Cosmo to discuss everything from Miley Cyrus and threesomes to finding the balance of traveling and building a home, and, of course, how to respond to being called a “bitch.” Here are our favorite moments from the interview: On the lack of women who pursue top leadership positions: "Until men are raising children as much as women are, women won't be able to be equal in the work place, and we are so behind as a nation, in terms of flexible work patterns and parental leave. Read More