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When genderfluid model/actor Ruby Rose hit the mainstream on Season Three of Orange is the New Black, the Internet exploded with lust, and the reverberations are still being felt months later. Her piercing eyes, edgy haircut, ample tattoos, and languid swagger have tingled the nether regions of nearly everyone with a Netflix account. Straight women everywhere announced online that they would “go gay” for the statuesque and Bieberesque Rose. And as expected, the LGBTQIA community reacted with Ye Olde Internet Outrage. Read More
While the rest of us are stuffing our faces with pumpkin-flavored treats and drinking Starbucks coffee from our plain red cups, Melissa Arnot is training to run a 50K in preparation for her sixth summit of Mt. Everest. That’s right, sixth, and in an effort to push her limits just a little bit further—this time, she’s doing it without supplemental oxygen. But for Arnot, it’s not about holding a record; it’s about interacting with nature. Read More
This week, Refinery29 launched “Behind The Headlines: Daughters of Paradise,” a beyond-stunning multimedia feature, which explores the lives of three Syrian women who have been displaced to Turkey due to the civil war. The feature presents a unique perspective on what the United Nations’ Refugee Agency has called “the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation.”  Here are the stories of three women refugees, “daughters of a vanished Syrian paradise,” who someday hope return. Read More
American Girl Magazine has come under fire for publishing a story featuring an 11-year-old girl with two dads. The magazine, targeted at young girls and owned by monolith Mattel, published an article about the charity work done by 11-year-old Amaya and her family. A group claiming to represent 1 million extremely conservative moms is now going off into nonsensical Bible-thumping homophobia, saying that the magazine is "promoting sin."  Really, do we have to talk about this? I don’t know, man. Gay people exist…like, we are here. Read More
BY LYNN PERIL YOUR CELL PHONE has a glamorous secret. The technology that makes it possible for you to have a conversation without everyone in the world listening in is based in part on a torpedo-guidance system patented by none other than movie star Hedy Lamarr. In her Hollywood heyday, she was known as the most beautiful woman in the world, but the frequency-hopping mechanism Lamarr conceptualized and implemented (with the help of avant-garde composer George Antheil) during World War II is also the basis for the multibillion-dollar wireless-communications industry. Read More