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  There’s nothing more ideal than home goods as a gift. Here are 4 upcoming trends that will delight and brighten the home of anyone on your gifting hit list! If you're in the Boston area this weekend you can pick them up at the one and only BUST Craftacular happening on Saturday 11/28 and Sunday 11/29 at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama from 11AM to 6PM each day! Check out more details here. Read More
Deciding to DIY your skincare can be a stressful endeavor. You start out strong, committed to using all-natural ingredients. You think, My skin will thank me! My wallet will thank me! But then you start researching, and it’s all downhill: A double boiler? A blended emulsion? Special waxes? Forget it. That’s how I felt when I entered the crazy (but awesome) world of DIY. But it’s not all as challenging as you might believe. In fact, the best DIY skin-care recipes are easy to make and have just a few high-quality ingredients—like the three olive oil-based projects below. Read More
  If you’re in the market for a soda with half the sugar and calories as a traditional fountain beverage (and a little extra umph) direct your attention to Drink More Good, a New York based beverage syrup crafter that focuses on organic and locally sourced ingredients. Drink More Good has a line of syrups intended to be a healthier take on traditional soda with flavors that range from Classic, Root Beer and Ginger Ale, to innovative flavors like Hibiscus Rooibos and Spiced Chai.The advantage to any syrup-based concoction is customization. Read More
Ok, so there are tons of reason to head to the BUST Christmas Craftacular in Bethnal Green, east London, this Sunday. There are 80 stalls of amazing handmade wares (see all the vendors here); you can do lots of workshops for free or much cheaper than usual (check them out here); there will be lunch, cake and beer by the brilliant King's Cross venue Drink, Shop & Do, plus a pop-up bar by Hot Booze, selling, you guessed it yummy hot booze. And there will be music! And now here are 12 more reasons to get yourself down to historic York Hall. Read More
The golden age of podcasting is upon us—everyone and their mother seems to want to host a digital radio show. But how can you compete with the nearly 300,000 podcasts currently listed in iTunes? As someone who’s produced both StoryCorps and the Moth Radio Hour, and is now Director of Audio at BuzzFeed, I can help. It’s going to take some doing to make your show stand out. And though the podcasting community is about as white and male as it could possibly be, more and more women and people of color are coming to the forefront, hosting smart, engaging shows. Read More