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  According to Instagram, Laurent and I were destined to be an amazing couple. We first collided at work in the Google hallway. I was walking to the kitchen for my upteenth ice tea, he was going to take a call with his team in Brazil. “Those stairs are really hard to get up, right?” Laurent sputtered. “I’m always out of breath and I’m in decent shape!” He pushed his black Ray Bans further up on his face. I was wearing the same glasses in brown and under his focused stare, reverted to my nervous habit of twisting my long brunette hair up into a quick ballet bun. Read More
“the thing about writing is / i can’t tell if it’s healing / or destroying me,” Rupi Kaur writes in her debut book of poetry, Milk and Honey. It’s a complete poem in its own - one of many micro-poems in the book, shorter than tweets but packed with power. Read More
With 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffering from an eating disorder at some point in their lives, it is pretty clear that our culture has an unhealthy relationship with food—even healthy food. Claudia McNeilly published an article in Broadly. on Tuesday, which caused orthorexia to go viral. Compared to clinically recognized anorexia and bulimia, orthorexia, with its almost 20 year history (after being coined by Dr. Steven Bratman in a 1997 essay), is the new kid on the block when it comes to eating disorders. Read More
Australian social media star Essena O’Neill is fed up with the culture of followers and likes that kept her trapped for the majority of her teen years. In her video, “Why I think social media sucks,” posted to Vimeo four days ago, she denounces social media altogether and announces the launch of her new website.  Why I think social media sucks from Essena O'Neill on Vimeo. Read More
San Diego-based artist and entrepreneur Krissy Sunflower is trying to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research...but Facebook keeps getting in the way. Krissy’s company, Twin Peaks Apparel, recently created T-shirts for breast cancer awareness: the front of the shirt shows one of her designs, and inside the shirt, against the skin, is a drawing of boobs - perfect for “flashing it forward.” Or, as the shirts say, "Join the Boobment."  Krissy told BUST she was inspired when her boyfriend and friends created a joke T-shirt featuring a similar boob design. Read More
By day, I’m Candace Timmons, OU’s social media marketing manager, formulating strategy, creating content and distributing it to our three major audiences via our official social media accounts. But by night, I’m InstaSLAM, #84, for the Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby (OKVD) league. Read More
With Target coming forth in its decision to move away from gender-based signs, the world is one step closer in the battle for across-the-boards equality. Like any battle, there are two sides: those in favor of Target's decision and those who just cannot.  She can't. UGH. Absolutely, 100% unable to even. Caitlyn Jenner is behind this now. Read More
Thinking about proposing to that special someone? Awesome, good for you! Thinking about uploading the image to Instagram or other social media platforms? Do. Not. Do. It. Why? Because your friends really don't care, despite the amount of attention the photo may get. Don't believe us? Here's proof:  Zach Broussard is the brain behind this clever prank, and is no stranger to fake brags on social media. In fact, this comedian centers his entire act around Twitter goofs. His prank utilized random strangers proposing to his real life girlfriend of four years and vice versa. Read More
It all started when Tamar Anitai shared via Instagram this disturbing photo she found in Oprah Winfrey's, O Magazine. The image accompanies advice from O's April issue, stating that crop tops can only be worn, "if you have a flat stomach." As if!  Within a few days, Anitai's post went viral along with her advice to "stop telling women what to wear," and "wear what you love, what makes you feel confident." It wasn't long before #RockTheCrop became a trending hashtag. Read More
For years, the icons on Facebook have stayed the same. Last year it updated the notifications globe to be less America-centric. Depending on what region you’re viewing Facebook from, you’ll either see an Europe-centric globe, an Asia-centric globe or the original America-centric version. Now, Facebook has finally updated its people icons and it’s all due to one designer, Caitlin Winner. Winner was looking at the icons one day when she realized the female icon had a chip in her shoulder. Read More