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Drop everything you’re doing this instant. Margaret Cho just debuted her new single, "I want To Kill My Rapist", on PerezHilton. It is a brilliant revenge anthem for sexual assault survivors, featuring an army of women and girls training to hunt down and kill their rapists. Cho has always been bluntly open about her history with sexual assault and how critical it is to have a truly open dialogue about it. Watch her video here: On the importance of “cathartic rage,” Cho had this to say: “I do not condone violence but cathartic rage has its place in art. Read More
Margaret Cho is blowing up the Twittersphere in support of a legalized sex-trade. These tweets might give you a new perspective on how you view sex-workers and the industry at large. Maybe our worries about prostitution are more to with our hang-ups and less about protecting people. 1. Could the sex-trade be empowering and not just exploitative?   2. Could prostitution be a way for victims of sexual abuse to reclaim power?   3. Why do we equate rape and prostitution?   4. Is the idea of a woman in charge of her own body just too scary?   5. Read More
The Lady to Lady podcast is not for the tenderhearted. And with Margaret Cho joining hilarious hosts Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, and Tess Barker for this week's podcast, no time was wasted in cutting to the goods. Topics range from The Pope to Louis CK's balls. "Can you keep a secret?" the hosts chime at the show's opening. "Neither can we!"  These women are hilarious. They're the type of women that I just want to hang out with. I feel like, so comfortable with them and I haven't even met them. Read More
Margaret Cho has been performing her song “Fat Pussy” for live audiences at her stand-up tours and other events for years. The song is not only funny, but also kind of beautiful. Cho’s voice sounds as good as any teen pop sensation, and her lyrics are more clever, amusing, and meaningful. Many of us have been a fan of the song for a while and now we have something new to be excited about. Who's trying to check out my Fat Pussy? Come inside...http://t.co/opZ7LtquIc pic.twitter. Read More
Put your dick in the air – it's the phrase that has everyone talking about singer-songwriter-producer, Peaches, again.  If you're unfamiliar with Peaches, let's catch you up to speed: she is a Canadian musician notorious for raunchy lyrics including, "Fuck the pain away," and "We all want tush, if I'm wrong, impeach my bush." She also frequents headlines for her disregard towards gender norms, and like aforementioned, she's back at it for the first time since 2009. Read More
Margaret Cho’s hilarious new Funny or Die video raises the question of what it would be like if women ran Hollywood. Cho depicts a network sitcom’s writing room, but with women only around the conference table. The fictional show is called “The DUFF and the DILF,” and the women are struggling with how to make Dan, the DILF, be more like “a human man,” since “52 percent of our audience is male or whatever,” as Cho says. The tables have turned.  They try to give him a hobby; they think him doing stand-up would be funny since men are terrible at it. Read More
  LOL: Comedienne Margaret Cho and American rapper/DJ Princess Superstar have paired up for this awesome video celebrating the efficiency of their butts rather than focusing on their sizes. With all the attention on girls’ butts these days, the hilarious ladies decided to create a music video/skit to point out how truly ridiculous it is to obsess over booties the way our current culture does.    “If I can’t have a big butt than I can least have—a big colon!” they say in the video. Read More
Like many people in every corner of the world, we were pretty gutted when Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show yesterday. It really speaks to how beloved and talented someone is when 16 years at the same job just doesn’t seem long enough. We’ll miss so much about Stewart’s hosting—his better-than-the-real-news fact-checking, readiness to interview everyone from Malala Yousafzai to Bill O’Reilly, and relentless criticism of dumb idiots like Glenn Beck. Read More
Like all awards shows, the Golden Globes can get a little slow—so we got together a list of our top moments for you (just in case you fell asleep with a glass of champagne on your lap and missed'em). Tina Fey and Amy Poehler kicked off the Golden Globes for their third year in a row with gorgeous dresses and hilarious celebrity digs. The duo showed their feminist side in the show’s opening monologue, when they pointed out the absurdity of George Clooney’s lifetime achievement award in comparison to his wife Amal Alamuddin’s accomplishments. Read More