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For better or for worse, life changing circumstances require a response. Sometimes it’s a friend with an unexpected pregnancy, a new job, an engagement, or a career move. You buy them a card at the grocery store, slap on a “congratulations,” and it sounds pretty okay. But when someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer, loses a family member, or undergoes some painful experience? We can be at a loss for words. Chances are we are grieving with them, feeling feels, and sitting in some deep empathy. Read More
Julie Ann is a blogger, greeting card designer, and DIY lover. The Orange County, California creative is currently pursuing her dreams and selling her wildly popular greeting cards online, along with several shops across the United States, including Urban Outfitters. To read more about Julie and her artistic endeavors, read on. Tell us about yourself!  My name is Julie and I own Julie Ann Art, a Los Angeles-based paper goods line. My designs are all hand-drawn, starting with a simple pen and paper. Read More
Might be a nice surprise--it probably doesn't happen to her much anymore. Sure, sure, there's no way you left it to the last minute. You're not one of those kids. You definitely already got a card for Mother's Day.  Not. We've all been there: scrambling to make a sucky Mother's Day card at the last second, scribbling furiously as you hear mimosa glasses clinking in the next room. I usually end up with some bubble letters on the outside, something like, "YOU ROCK, MOM!" and then on the inside, maybe something that rhymes.  Well have no fear: BUST is here. Read More