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(Yep, that is a picture of HBC spooning a tuna.) Helena Bonham Carter: a spectacular actress with a spectacular personality. We always knew she was quirky (in all the right ways), and now we have seven facts to prove it. 1. The fishy photo is part of a campaign to end overfishing by the Blue Marine Foundation. According to Carter, she is "actually very phobic about fish", but by the end of the shoot she reports that they had "truly bonded." 2. Read More
  Oh look, it’s Agent Dana Scully of the X-Files carrying a wounded alien! This photograph of a nude Gillian Anderson, adorned with a deceased conger eel, is actually part of Fish Love’s new campaign to end overfishing. The British organization, founded by Nicholas Rohl and Greta Scacchi, released Denis Rouvre’s images of celebrities and dead fish in attempt to raise awareness about deep sea trawling, a practice that continues to fatally damage the ocean floor, killing many creatures in its by-catch. Read More
Here’s some Friday cuteness for you.  It’s a Buzzfeed post that’s gone viral depicting a magical place of happiness and fur called CAT HEAVEN.   Well, it’s not actually called Cat Heaven.  This place riddled – neig, COVERED – with cats is a Japanese island called Fukuoka.  For the past five years, photographer Fubirai has documented the lives of semi-wild cats that inhabit the island, that are fed fish by the local fishermen.  These cats run this place! It truly is heaven. Check out some of these photos and more here. Read More