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(Yep, that is a picture of HBC spooning a tuna.) Helena Bonham Carter: a spectacular actress with a spectacular personality. We always knew she was quirky (in all the right ways), and now we have seven facts to prove it. 1. The fishy photo is part of a campaign to end overfishing by the Blue Marine Foundation. According to Carter, she is "actually very phobic about fish", but by the end of the shoot she reports that they had "truly bonded." 2. Read More
“I always liked hitting things,” director Jill Morley says, in her documentary. Fight Like A Girl . "There was a little boy... I punched him, and smiled when he fell to the ground.”  Morley's film explores the motivations of three hard-core female boxers for taking up such a violent and physically challenging sport.  And while their circumstances varied, it turns out that all three were looking for control of their own lives. Maureen Shea entered the gym in an effort to lose weight and please an abusive boyfriend. Read More

Ladies' Fight Club

BY Catie Colliton in TV

Happy Monday! For all of you ladies out there who love Jane Austen and Fight Club, here's a video to start your day off right. Ladies— welcome to Fight Club. "We were no longer good society... Read More