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The film Carol is an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1952 semi-autobiographical novel The Price of Salt. The story follows two women from very different worlds as they start an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York. Sarah Paulson plays Abby Gerhard, the main character Carol’s best friend and ex-lover. Though the role is fairly small, the loyalty Abby exhibits to the friend she clearly still harbors deeper feelings for makes her a compelling and complicated character. Read More
On this creepy, crawly, full-mooned, Friday the 13th, a photo of American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson's new character for highly anticipated season 4 was leaked. In the upcoming season, entitled Freak Show, Paulson will be playing two-headed conjoined twins, Bette and Dot alongside a cast of other actors returning from the previous seasons.  When I first heard about American Horror Story, I was dubious about its representations of sexism, racism, and disability. Read More
In honor of this season’s amazingly bizarre American Horror Story: Coven, Vulture has created some crazy cool tarot cards that you can include in your next reading/secretly carry around with you EVERYWHERE. Behold in their glory below: Warning: POTENTIAL SPOILERS   For Kathy Bates’ sadist-turned-maid Delphine LaLaurie, the Hanged Man. Even though she’s probably (definitely) the most awful mother/human to ever exist, she’s still rockin’ that purple dress—upside down, mind you. Read More