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Sally Fields, honoree Marlo Thomas and Gloria Steinem.   “I didn’t realize how short this dress was,” Amy Schumer said when she took the stage to kick off the Women’s Media Awards, November 5th, at Capitale in New York City. She looked down at a photographer in the front row, “You’re basically taking a picture of my clitoris right now,” she said. She also said, “Magazines are supposed to be empowering women. But they’re not. They publish articles like, ‘How to get your pussy to smell like a Christmas ornament. Read More
I vaguely remember being eleven or so and going to Take Your Child to Work Day – I sat on the floor of my mother's office and took an aptitude test, and then I played with dolls as she, you know, worked. I still can't say how seeing a real-live attorney's office up close in my formative years has impacted my particular (read: vague) career trajectory...but I do remember how curious it was to see “work” demystified. Here was my mom's office, I remember thinking. Where she spends most of her time. And these are the desks and tables, this is the common room... Read More
  Imagine a land where boys play with dolls and girls want to grow up to be firemen – and nobody makes fun of them for it. A land where girls don’t worry about being pretty and happily proclaim, “I like what I look like.” A land where boys know that it’s alright to cry. A land where “you’ll do what you like, and be who you are.” This is the land imagined in the album, book, and TV special Free To Be…You And Me, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in November. Read More