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Your friend is cooking up a Halloween costume that involves cardboard, a yard of metal sheeting, and a dozen wire hangers; it may look cool, but there’s a good chance she won’t be able to sit down or hold her drink all night. You, on the other hand, will be sitting pretty in this simple mask, which you can make from household supplies in only an hour or two. Keep the rest of your costume minimal—and keep your hands free for holding your beer. Read More
There are so many things to love about elephants. These creatures are docile, cry, play, laugh, have amazing memories (they never forget, after all), yet are incredibly strong, and play a vital role in improving the ecological system they inhabit. As much as 80 percent of what elephants consume is returned to the soil as barely digested highly fertile manure, in the savannah they convert their habitats from woodlands to grasslands, pave firebreaks and rain water conduits in their paths, and can provide water for other species by digging water holes in dry riverbeds. Read More