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Sitting in a corner of the new Midtown location of New York restaurant Sake Bar Hagi, countless plates of Japanese food surrounding him, Anthony Bourdain begins talking about porn. Food porn, that is. I don’t mean the perfectly-lit avocado toast photos on your Instagram feed and Pinterest board, but the lavish descriptions of sushi that fill his new graphic novel, Jiro: Blood and Sushi. As the title implies, the loving odes to sushi almost outnumber the body count in this Tokyo-set dystopian gangster story. Almost. Read More

Best (Female) Chef...?

BY Teresa Lu in Feminism

  In response to The World's 50 Best Restaurants' Best Female Chef award this week, Anthony Bourdain bemoaned on twitter: "Why — at this point in history — do we need a 'Best Female Chef' special designation? As if they are curiosities?"   Best Female Chef of 2013, Nadia Santini Good point. And who better to respond to this question than a distinguished female chef? Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy promptly tweeted back, "As long as women are under recognized by most mainstream awards, they need their own awards. Read More