Wow a bachelorette party in Boca Raton Florida

The bachelorette party in Florida Boca Raton We were all coming from different parts of the country for a adult bachelorette party, some from Atlanta, Las Vegas, New York & Georgia all to Florida Boca Raton shores at our rented beach house. When I got there I realized the cake was missing from the goodies for this bachelorette party for my best friend. My sister told me that she was on the net and would find an exotic cake, and she found this site. Wow, is the only way to describe them, hundreds of photo's, thousands of stores all across the country. I was sold before I got to the phone number. Called, ordering was a snap, Linda on the phone made it effortless, and smooth. Called us before and after the delivery, sent photo's of the cake before delivery to approve. Can not get better than this. Cake was divine, looked better than I excepted, made me look great to the girls, get this, it even tasted superb. That's that, I would like to mention that we all stayed up way past our bed time, and my hangover is still with me, hahah… Ta ta for now..