bykrispaige, March 29, 2010
To celebrate both turning 30 and having a baby in the past year, I was searching for a photographer that specialized in pinup-style portraits to give as a gift - to myself. Oh, it was also my third wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise my husband!

So after reading one of the below reviews here on yelp along with Sophie's personal statement (not to mention seeing the gorgeous images on her website!), I was sold. I could not be happier with the way my shoot turned out, but just as important, Sophie made every step of the process--from scheduling to styling--easy and fun. And she really offers a lot for your money, especially considering the quick turnaround time and expert retouching on the prints. My husband and friends are blown away...I look like a redheaded Marilyn!

I urge any woman who is remotely interested in the idea of pinup photography to email Sophie with any questions or concerns - her responses will be fast, friendly and informative. I'm already planning to return one day!