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(NYC) AFEST, Conference of Latin American Female Writers in New York
From Monday, March 27, 2017 -  12:00am
To Saturday, April 01, 2017 - 11:00pm
Contact info@sangriaeditora.com



New York City
March 27 - April 1

AFEST, a conference of Latin American writers in New York, highlights the “a” in “escritora”—the letter that denotes the gender of that Spanish word meaning woman writer—  as a way to think about the practice of literature from the perspective of women and the poetics explored by women writers, and their writing. Our primary goal is to create a dialogue between Chilean and Latin American women writers and their Latino and Latin American counterparts living in the United States, in order to reflect on the place occupied by the subject in the academic and literary culture of today, both in the space of our shared language as well as in that of other communities. With aims to destabilize the gender dynamics that predominate today, where the word “escritores” or “writers” always implies a minority of women, AFEST includes a group of women writers and smaller number of writers of other genders who have actively concerned themselves with minority issues across multiple levels of discourse.

Sign up for our discussion sessions on March 27 and 28 with our invited writers—the instigators of the debate—who will join us to talk about the present, past and future of feminist action.

Sign-up here: http://www.a-fest-english.org/sing-up 
Read the full program here: http://www.a-fest-english.org/program 
Stay in touch with us here: www.facebook.com/sangriacolectiva/ 
And write to us here: info@sangriaeditora.com


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