What The Total Solar Eclipse Means For Witches

By Violet Marmur  In Living  On Aug 18, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there is a total solar eclipse happening on August 21st. Everyone and their mother is freaking out, and rightfully so, because it’s kind of a big deal. The thing is, total solar eclipses themselves aren’t actually a rare occurrence. According to Space.com, there is a solar eclipse visible from somewhere on Earth approximately once every 18 months. So why is this so exciting? This will be the first solar eclipse that is visible to all of North America in 38 years;… Read more
Kris Chau, one half of design duo Day Space Night, is currently reading two books: Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark, about how radical activism can create real change, and The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream by Courtney E. Martin, a look at rejecting traditional ideals of “success.” Both give insight not only into the personal ideologies of Chau, an artist and illustrator, and her DSN partner Samantha Margherita, a textile designer, but also the driving ethos behind their line of body-grazing,… Read more
Poptarts is a twice-monthly podcast hosted by BUST Magazine editors Emily Rems and Callie Watts that celebrates women in pop culture. The first half of each episode is devoted to a hot topic in entertainment, and in the second half, a segment called "Whatcha Watchin'?," Callie and Emily dig into all the shows, movies, books, music, videos, and podcasts they've enjoyed since the last episode, and either praise or pan each experience. In our latest episode, Julie Klausner, Difficult People's hilarious mastermind, shares… Read more
This is one of those stories where each detail makes you a little more excited. Per Variety: 1. St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, is directing a feature film.2. It’s an adaptation of an Oscar Wilde work. 3. It’s the Picture of Dorian Gray. 4. But it’s genderswapped. 5. So Dorian is a woman now. Also: Elle screenwriter David Birke will write the script, and there’s no word yet about the cast or release date. There have been a ton of Dorian Gray adaptations — most recently Penny Dreadful tackled the story, and there was also… Read more
In some good news for your Friday, Bonnie Tyler will sing your drunk karaoke go-to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the actual solar eclipse. However, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” is in fact longer than the total eclipse of the sun, which will last for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. (There are several versions of “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” ranging from in length from 3 minutes 49 seconds for a 2005 re-recording to 6 minutes 59 seconds for the original album version.) No worries, though, the song has been adjusted to… Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Scissoring

By BUST Magazine  In Sex  On Aug 18, 2017

We're bringing you this Q&A from BUST's Sex section, featuring advice from sexlogist Dr. Carol Queen. Question: What exactly is scissoring? Is it a real thing? How do you do it? –Blades of Fury Dr. Carol Queen: It certainly is a real thing, although if you try it, your mileage may vary. For some, it’s delicious, and for others, it’s not their thing. Scissoring — which is generally done by two clit-and-vulva-having people (but it could be done with a soft penis too, I suspect), involves appositioning those parts… Read more

Week Of Women: August 18-24, 2017

By Erika W. Smith  In Entertainment  On Aug 17, 2017

Our new newsletter and column, Week of Women, is back — tell your friends! We’ve rounded up the 10 women-centered movies, TV, music, and books we're most excited for in the upcoming week. Happy watching, reading, and listening! Movies Patti Cake$ Australian actress Danielle Macdonald stars as Patti Cake$, a plus-size white girl from Jersey who’s determined to be a rapper. Out on Friday, August 18; see the Hotness. What Happened To Monday? Noomi Rapace plays SEPTUPLETS, each named after a day of the week, in this… Read more

Notes On Frump: A Style

By Emma Copley Eisenberg  In Style  On Aug 17, 2017

In my rough and leafy corner of the universe, a promised land called West Philadelphia, I have noticed something new taking hold. It is a sensibility like Sontag meant it — “a logic of taste,” a new way of seeing bodies and objects in the world and figuring out what to think about them. Of course it is not new. It surged online in 2006 when Erin McKean declared, “You Don’t Have to Be Pretty. You don’t owe prettiness to anyone...Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female.’” It was the engine… Read more

Crotch Jewelry Is Now A Thing, And I Give Up

By Hannah Rose  In Sex  On Aug 17, 2017

Guess what, ladies, the fashion trend you didn’t know you needed has arrived. . . now introducing crotch jewelry (aka "Beachtails"). And no, I’m not talking about vajazzling, I’m talking about a straight up chain that loops through the crotch of your bikini bottoms (/undies/thong/ass-wedgie jean shorts/whatever bottoms your heart desires) and has 1.5-inch-long dangles on either side with little charms at the end, courtesy of Japanese brand BoDivas. The charms come in a range of colors, and you can even be a fancy bitch… Read more

Sexy Backs, Headless Women And Book Covers

By Anna Solomon  In Books  On Aug 17, 2017

1.Before I saw the cover of my second novel, I worried about it. My greatest fear was this: A woman, looking out to sea. Her back is to the reader. Her hair is thrown up in a vague style that if nothing else can be described as “timeless.” Her stance evokes a wistful, feminine longing — for a man, perhaps, or for a dinner she doesn’t have to cook.You know this cover. Hundreds of versions exist. There are covers that display only a woman’s head — from behind — and countless others that show a woman’s body, without the… Read more

3 Wire-Free Bras For Big-Busted Ladies

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Aug 17, 2017

My boobs are not small, and ever since these fun bags sprouted, I’ve been wearing an underwire bra for support. That’s about 37 years of having a metal shank jammed up in my ribs! I’ve tried wireless bras in the past, but they never really worked for me, either lacking support or giving me uniboob like a sports bra. But fabric and bra technologies have changed, so I tested out a few new brands on the market to see how their wire-free bras stack up. All three are only available online, so be prepared to try on and… Read more

8 Things "I Love Dick" Got Right About Non-Monogamy

By O.P. Stone  In TV  On Aug 16, 2017

As a straightish, cisgender female navigating an open relationship for over ten years, I find it rare when a piece of media portrays plural love in a way that’s not the butt of a joke. So imagine my surprise when a 30-minute dramedy called (yes, literally) I Love Dick helped clarify some concepts I’d long considered, but never quite articulated, about my own nontraditional, not-entirely-monogamous relationship. The Amazon show (created by Jill Soloway and based on the cult feminist novel of the late ‘90s of the same… Read more
There’s always been talk about the female orgasm. It's often been categorized as “elusive," a term that means that women, as a whole, orgasm less than men. Different psychologists, sociologists and general human beings have questioned and theorized about why that is, but there still isn’t a conclusive answer. A recent study from Chapman University, Indiana University, and the Kinsey Institute, however, gathered some intriguing data.Via Broadly, the study is one of the few that investigates the orgasm frequency of men… Read more

How Finding My Birth Family Helped Me Find Myself

By BUST Magazine  In Living  On Aug 16, 2017

You take it for granted. Knowing where you came from, how you came to be in the world, where you got that laugh or why your legs are so hairy. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for me and lots of other adoptees, not knowing who and where you came from is a phantom limb that aches. You want a backstory to help you move forward. See, stories matter. Each of us, we’re all stories. The stories we take to heart often become the basis of who we are and who we can become. When girls get better stories, their hopes,… Read more

You Can’t “Both Sides” Things WHEN ONE SIDE IS NAZIS

By Erika W. Smith  In Feminism  On Aug 16, 2017

Yesterday, President Donald Trump continued to avoid condemning white supremacists for the violent "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville over the weekend. The rally was organized in response to planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee and resulted in the death of anti-racist counter-protester Heather Heyer and the injuries of dozens of other anti-racist activists. In a press conference, Trump refused to call the violence terrorism; refused to blame the alt-right; insisted that “not all of those people were… Read more
"If this sort of thing keeps growing, it won’t be long before we shall hear of dog undertakers, and perhaps marble cutters who devote their time and talent to the construction of monuments to pet dogs. There is no calculating the extent to which infectious folly will go.” — The Saint Paul Globe, 25 November 1888. Of all the animals buried and mourned in the Victorian era, it was dogs who received the lion’s share of the funerary honors. The Hyde Park Dog Cemetery opened in London in 1881 and the Hartsdale Canine… Read more
Yesterday, after nearly 4 hours of jury deliberation, T. Swift won her countersuit against the Denver DJ, David Mueller, who reached up her skirt and grabbed her "bare ass" at one of her backstage meet-and-greets, a victory for women and all victims of assault. Swift’s countersuit accusing Mueller of groping her was in response to Mueller suing Swift, the singer's mom Andrea Swift, and her radio promotions director Frank Bell in 2015, accusing them of making the groping incident up (like Taylor Swift cares enough about… Read more
In the title essay of her new collection, Girls Gone Old, Fiona Helmsley writes of using her appearance to sell books: “I was a bit of an exhibitionist, but with an agenda. But the thing about this kind of exhibitionism, especially if you’re a woman, is that it has a timestamp. You’re trying to bait assholes. Eventually they won’t want to look.” It is a brave statement — to so explicitly admit to exposing oneself for consumption. But it is also indicative of Helmsley’s keen ability to uncover discomfiting truths that… Read more
Last night in Durham, North Carolina, a crowd tore down a statue of a Confederate soldier that stood in front of a county administrative building as part of a rally to combat white supremacy and support Charlottesville, Virginia after it was attacked for planning to remove another Confederate statue. Protesters chanted, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” as they toppled the statue. As the crowd cheered, some kicked the statue. Via the Washington Post, the state’s governor objected to the removal of the statue, saying,… Read more
When Trump’s disturbing “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape surfaced last fall, author and screenwriter Kelly Oxford made a request of her nearly 800k Twitter followers: “Women: tweet me your first assaults. They aren’t just stats.” Oxford got the ball rolling by recounting being grabbed under her skirt by a man on a bus when she was 12. Thousands of women replied with their own stories beside the hashtag #NotOkay. “Sharing my experience and having so many people respond made me feel like I was in a community,” says Oxford.… Read more

How To Make This Heavenly Hummus Recipe At Home

By BUST Magazine  In Eat Me  On Aug 15, 2017

Hummus was one of the first dishes I learned how to make early on in my catering career. I thought it was pretty darn great, until I hired an Israeli chef, and found out that I had a lot to learn. Like the fact that adding a pinch of baking soda to the chickpea cooking water helps keep farting to a minimum. And that beating the tahini with a fork makes for an extra-creamy result. Later, I went to Israel and found entire restaurants dedicated to just hummus. Where is the rest of the menu? I wondered. But I sat down,… Read more

8 Ways To Help Charlottesville And Fight White Supremacy

By Seeta Charan  In Living  On Aug 14, 2017

This weekend, Charlottesville, Virginia erupted in white supremacists protesting over the proposed removal of a controversial statue of Robert E. Lee, a general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. The protest was planned months ago when the removal plans were announced, and the city braced itself for the “Unite the Right” protests from white supremacists. On Friday, hundreds of white nationalists marched and chanted racial slurs. The crowds were met with counter-protests, and the situation quickly turned… Read more
What does terrorism look like in America? Well, despite Donald Trump’s rampage against Islam, statistics show that right-wing extremists pose the biggest threat. According to a new report from The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund and The Center for Investigative Reporting, there were twice as many terrorist incidents by right-wing extremists as by Islamist extremists in the U.S. from 2008 to 2016. Add to that list Saturday’s attack in Charlottesville, VA. Sparked by the city’s decision to remove of a statue of… Read more
This weekend, white supremacists swarmed Charlottesville, Virginia, for a “Unite the Right” rally, a response to a proposal to remove a local statue of Confederate leader Robert E. Lee. The white supremacists used violence against anti-racists protesters, killing one woman, Heather Heyer, and injuring at least 34 others. It’s horrifying, and it’s evidence of the growth of the white supremacist movement in the United States. BUST’s “digital team” is one white woman (hi) working part time with a few interns helping out,… Read more
As you all know by now, this weekend, white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, Virginia for a “Unite the Right” rally, a response to the proposed removals of statues of Confederate generals, particularly one of Robert E. Lee. White supremacists used violence against anti-racist protesters, killing one, Heather D. Heyer, and injuring at least 34 more. On Friday, white supremacists marched on the University of Virginia, and photos of angry men baring tiki torches quickly spread — leading to countless joking… Read more
Taylor Swift was in court yesterday testifying against a DJ that was fired for grabbing her ass, and she’s handling herself on the stand like a boss bitch. The case stems from a June 2013 incident in which she accused former DJ David Mueller of Denver’s KYGO station of reaching up her skirt and grabbing her bare ass at one of her backstage meet-and-greets. According to CNN, Swift’s people told KYGO officials, and Mueller was fired two days later following the station’s own investigation, which wasn’t that difficult… Read more
The celestial phenomenon known as Mercury retrograde has become something of a scapegoat for everything from the minor annoyances to the catastrophic, Murphy’s-law-level screw ups we traverse on a daily basis. Parking ticket? Must be retrogradin’. Realize you had broccoli stuck in your teeth from lunch at the end of the day? Gotta be the work of Mercury rx. Right? Not exactly. Although it’s easy enough to blame all the little bullshit life throws at us on periodic planetary movement, Mercury retrograde usually only… Read more

11 Plus-Size Bikinis You Can Still Buy Online

By Erika W. Smith  In Style  On Aug 11, 2017

It’s August, which means that your local stores are rolling out their Halloween displays, but you’ve still got a month of beach time left before sweater weather begins. So now is still a great time for swimsuit shopping — online, that is. Many places are having end-of-summer sales, but even if they’re not, it’s still the perfect time to pick up your favorite suit for the month — and next year. So here, take a look at some stylish plus size bikinis still available. If you’re more of a one-piece fan yourself, click over… Read more
INGRID GOES WESTDirected by Matt SpicerOut August 114/5 BUST rating Ingrid Goes West is an uncanny portrait of how social media allows users to curate their lives beyond recognition. Aubrey Plaza stars as Ingrid, a mentally unstable millennial whose mother recently died. After a stint in an institution, she finds she’s inherited enough money to move to the West Coast and remake herself in the image of Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), an Instagram tastemaker who’s basically Coachella personified. Taylor’s got it all –… Read more
Much like any embarrassing teenage memory, a 10-minute-long animation made by Disney in 1946 titled "The Story of Menstruation" has resurfaced on the internet. Surprisingly, for the time, Disney got a lot of stuff right. At first I felt a little cheated, because I don’t remember much from the school-sanctioned reproductive health talk back in the third grade. I just remember the boys being escorted out the class and the girls watching a very boring video telling us we’d get a period soon. They gave us a pad, a… Read more
A giant, inflatable chicken that resembled President Donald Trump took center stage in the White House’s backyard yesterday. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, the chicken had swooped golden hair, a disapproving facial expression (with those eyebrows, too!), and raised wings that mimicked Trump's hand gestures. The inflatable originally stemmed back to China's Lunar New Year celebration during the end of January. Since it was the start of the Year of the Rooster, blow-up versions of a Trump rooster were all over… Read more
Broad City is ramping up for its Season 4 premiere in September, and, just in time, Lovehoney, a “sexual happiness company,” has dropped an official line of sex toys based on the show. There’s a “Yas Kween” vibrator, which has 10 functions so that you can come to various pulsationzzz. Broad City Yas Kween 10 Function Bullet $21.99 They’ve got a “Respect Your Dick” love ring that kills three birds with one stone by encircling both the dick and the balls, and then also includes a bullet attachment for some clitoral fun.… Read more
Welcome to our new column and newsletter previewing the week ahead in women-centered pop culture — now with a title and a few tweaks! (Stay with us while we get the hang of things.) Below, take a look at the new movies, TV shows, books, and music created by or starring women that we’re most excited about. We haven’t seen all of these ourselves, but when we have, we’ll link to our review. Movies Ingrid Goes West Aubrey Plaza stars as a woman who stalks a social media star (Elizabeth Olsen) in a very 2017 twist on a… Read more
After watching This Beautiful Fantastic through twice, I’m still not one hundred percent sure if I liked it or not. It’s an odd little independent film, calling to mind a sort of de-saturated, languid Pushing Daisies in its storybook-like narrative and set pieces. Starring Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), Andrew Scott (Sherlock), Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton), and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse), This Beautiful Fantastic tells the story of Bella Brown, a meek, antisocial orphan with obsessive-compulsive tendencies… Read more

How Meredith Lyman Turns Sex And Angst Into Colorful Art

By Beka Shane Denter  In Arts  On Aug 10, 2017

My first memory of Meredith Lyman is of a striking young woman sporting Hello Kitty knee socks and a flared mini skirt, her jet-black hair tied up in two Princess Leia inspired styled buns. It’s Gay Pride parade in Ottawa, Canada in 1999, and Meredith is leading the pack of us through the side streets of downtown, skipping and smiling her way through the colourful crowd. The memory may be a bit blurry, but Meredith’s amiable appeal has not dimmed in the two decades I’ve known her. After years of being the struggling… Read more
If you’re a comedy fan, you probably already love the late Phyllis Diller. Her standup career not only influenced many of the funny women working today, but also launched future entertainment giants like Lorne Michaels and Barbra Streisand. Diller was a true original, and now, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is archiving her jokes – over 50,000 of them. Housed in a steel filing cabinet, her hand-typed index cards were scanned and placed online on March 1, and now a veritable army of online… Read more

Everything Wrong With That Google Anti-Diversity Doc

By Violet Marmur  In Feminism  On Aug 09, 2017

It turns out working at Google isn’t just nap pods, free food, and coding. This weekend, an anti-diversity manifesto written by a senior software engineer went internally — and then externally — viral. The 10-page document, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber," argues against the company’s diversity efforts with nonsensical, absurd and outrightly offensive claims, like trying to explain that women are underrepresented in the tech world because they're not biologically wired for it, or how harmful and suppressing… Read more

See BUST's Own Callie Watts' Mermaid Witch Handfasting Photos

By Nick McManus  In Living  On Aug 09, 2017

This past Sunday, BUST's own Callie Watts and her husband Camilo Salas renewed their vows on Fort Tilden's shores with a Wiccan handfasting ceremony. Callie, one of BUST's longtime staff, and Camilo, a freelance writer for the Latin American press, brought their friends and family together to the Rockaways for a one-year anniversary with an eccentric flair that perked up the heads of their fellow sunbathers. Handfasting is a neopagan ceremony celebrated by Wiccans that affirms a couple's commitment to each. When all… Read more

“Moana,” Monstrous Women, And A Feminized Model of Heroism

By Kelly Anne Doran  In Movies  On Aug 09, 2017

Moana is an absolute revelation to me, and I weep whenever I watch it. This is, I think, because above all else, Moana is a story about women. Though a male demigod features prominently in the movie, at its heart, Moana is about the coming of age of a young woman, about her relationships with the matriarchs who came before her, and about the feminine forms of heroism that she is uniquely capable of performing. The first heroic act we see Moana perform (the first act we see her perform, in fact) is helping a sea turtle… Read more

Victorian Ladies Lived In Shades Of Blue

By Mimi Matthews  In Style  On Aug 09, 2017

During the nineteenth century, blue was considered a versatile color, as suitable for elegant evening gowns and demure day dresses as it was for fashionable bonnets, slippers and parasols. In shades ranging from the palest cerulean blue to the deepest navy, it adorned women of every age and every station, harmonizing with a wide range of hair colors and complexions. In today’s article, we look at some of the loveliest examples of the color blue in Victorian fashion. *Please note: Deep blues were generally achieved with… Read more

How Stylist LaTonya Yvette Staubs Uses Fashion As Art

By BUST Magazine  In Style  On Aug 09, 2017

LaTonya Yvette StaubsStylist and WriterBrooklyn, New York Tell us about this outfit. I got the red dress for a couple of dollars at a thrift store. I usually wear it almost like a duster that buttons. I lean toward things that are dramatic, where you only need that thing and you can kind of understyle it. The shoes are probably Marc Fisher. The jewelry is all vintage or the kind of thing people sell on the street. How would you describe your aesthetic? I like to be a different person every day. I’m always juggling… Read more
Photographer and film director Cindy Sherman pulled a fast one on us last week when, out of nowhere, she unlocked her previously-private Instagram account and changed the handle to her real name @_cindysherman_ from the incognito @misterfriedas_mom (Mister Frieda is her pet macaw seen in her posts). And that’s when the world got ahold of her wacked-out selfies. You can’t miss their uniquely-Cindy-Sherman vibe - she’s known for her self-portraits that explore a wide range of common female social roles or personas… Read more

TaTa Towels Are The Breast Idea, Like Ever

By Bry'onna Mention  In Style  On Aug 08, 2017

It’s always #FreeTheNipple and #SideBoobSeason, but the sentiment is so much realer during the warmer months. But sometimes boobs can pack a lot of moisture, and though summer is almost over, some of us will still be sweating well into next year. Over the weekend, the internet lost its shit over the “Ta Ta Towel." And as funny as a towel specifically for titties sounds, it actually makes a lot of sense. Erin Robertson invented Ta-Ta Towels after her tiny A/C unit in her LA apartment broke and she couldn't stop sweating… Read more

22 Feminist Books To Educate And Empower You

By Erika W. Smith  In Books  On Aug 08, 2017

Any feminist has probably been asked some variation of the question, “What book should I read to get into feminism?” It’s a hard question to answer, simply because there are so many books about feminism out there! But after talking to BUST staff and BUST readers, I’ve come up with a list of feminist books to get you started. Feminism simply means gender equality — but many feminists have different ideas on how to achieve gender equality, or what, exactly, true gender equality would look like. Many of the authors on the… Read more

Kesha Has Risen, And Dr. Luke Better Start Praying

By Hannah Rose  In Music  On Aug 08, 2017

Even though Kesha’s nearly-three-year legal battle to free herself from producer Dr. Luke continues, our wildgirl is finally back in the game, and as someone who has loved basically every single song Kesha has ever put out, I’m ready for shit to get lit. I flung my limbs around mosh-pit-style to “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” after my high school boyfriend dumped me. I cried to the “The Harold Song” on repeat when my 9-month fuckboy dumped me. I drove around blaring “Last Goodbye” as I was contemplating breaking up… Read more

"Am I Just Like Him?"

By Liz Presson  In Living  On Aug 08, 2017

Before I open my eyes from a sleep that feels like never happened, I feel a familiar pit in my belly. It expands as my mind files through the events of the night before. I try to recall every word I said. Every person I spoke to. Last night was my first date with Andy. One Old Fashioned before he got to the bar — good for nerves. Three while we got to know each other. A pickleback to show him I could hang. It didn’t feel like too many at the time. As I shuffle through the blurry replay, I find the moment. As we walked… Read more
We stopped by the Bowery Ballroom to check out the all-star female super group Guns N' Hoses as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction (July 21, 1987). The group comprised of Erin Marsz (Axl Hose), Charlene Kaye (Gash), Julia Adamy (Muff McKagan), Emmy Wildwood (Lizzy Stradlin), and Gina Ilasi (Stephanie Adler) absoltuely rocked the term "Girl Power." What is it that made you guys decided you wanted to cover Guns N' Roses in the first place? When did this obsession begin? Erin… Read more
Checking Facebook at a red light; ignoring a convo because maybe that Bumble cutie wrote back; scrolling Insta the second you wake up – sound familiar? Internet addiction is real, and it’s taking a toll. According to Harvard Medical School scientists, using a cell phone or laptop at night upsets the body’s production of melatonin, majorly disrupting sleep. And a study in the journal Psychopathology reported that heavy internet users are five times more likely to suffer from depression than less frequent users. Plus,… Read more

Get Ready For World Maker Faire With Strawberry Hedgehog!

By Haley Maiden  In Style  On Aug 07, 2017

The BUST team is super pumped for BUST Craftacular at World Maker Faire coming this September, and you should be, too! It’s a two-day, family-friendly maker and science fest that we are proud to be a part of, and we'll be bringing some of the best craft-makers and designers for your shopping pleasure. We love our vendors and want to celebrate the maker movement and all the hard work that they put into creating the goods that we love. Here’s a Spotlight on one of our amazing vendors, Strawberry Hedgehog. The folks at… Read more
BUST sat down with the beautiful Liliana Saumet of Bomba Estéreo and discussed all things music and Colombia. The interview was conducted in Spanish, and has been translated to English — scroll down to the bottom for the Spanish version! Check out their new album, Ayo, dropping August 11th, 2017. There are a lot of tropical influences in your music — it reminds me of [Colombian city] Cartagena! Would you say you pull a lot of your influences from a particular part of Colombia? Yes, we mix a lot of Caribbean influences,… Read more