Francoise Gilot may be a far less familiar name than Pablo Picasso, but don’t let that fool you. The 93-year-old artist, former muse, and romantic partner of Picasso is producing just as much work as ever. The French artist began a relationship with Picasso in 1943 when she was just 21-years-old. Picasso was forty years her senior, and the two of them had a love affair that lasted almost ten years into Gilot's thirties. In that time, they had two children, Claude and Paloma. But leaving Picasso was perhaps the best decision that she could have made. Read More
  At BUST, we are all about our reproductive rights - both celebrating them and fighting for them. So you bet that we’ll be partying with #ShoutYourAbortion at their “Party Across ‘Murica” this Sunday. The women and men behind Shout Your Abortion - which you probably know from the viral hashtag where women worldwide opened up about their positive experiences with abortion - are taking the conversation off Twitter with three concurrent parties held in Brooklyn, Chicago and Seattle. Read More
If you live in a state where pepper spray is illegal and you haven’t yet jumped on the Ted Cruz machine-gun and bacon bandwagon, no need to fret. Someone out there in the world sat down and thought “you know I like my purses and I like cutting up flesh but gosh-darn if I didn’t have to choose!” And now you don’t have to. This isn’t just a meat cleaver-shaped purse; it’s a bloody meat cleaver purse, because what good is a meat cleaver purse if it wasn’t just used to hack away at attackers? It's $34. Read More
From left to right: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Haudenosaunee woman, Matilda Joslyn Gage Where did early suffragists ever get the idea that women should have the same rights as men? The answer may be in their own backyards—in the egalitarian society created by Native Americans "One day, a [Native American] woman gave away a fine quality horse.” The audience of women’s rights activists listened attentively as ethnographer Alice Fletcher addressed the first International Council of Women. The scene was Washington, D.C. The date was March 1888. Read More
ADELE'S NEW ALBUM, 25, IS FINALLY OUT and this morning, I woke up nice ‘n’ early to pay the queen my respects and a crisp $10.99. Spoiler alert: it was BEYOND worth it.  In fact, I suggest you pause your life, open your preferred Internet browser and buy that shit right now. Read More