How Misandrist Are You? A Buzzfeed Quiz That Will Make You Cry with Laughter


Well Buzzfeed, you've done it again. This might be your best quiz yet. May many male tears be shed on this day of glory. 

Find out how misandrist you are simply by checking a few boxes! The jokes go from "ouchy mama" to "HOOOO BURN" to "Wow. Just wow. Society, man." Preach, BF, let's all just #BanMen.

I answered a little too honestly, mostly because I was laughing too hard to click, so I got: "You're well on your way to becoming the misandrist you've always dreamed of being. Keep up the good work!" Ok, I'll make sure to interrupt men even more during my next conversation, kick more dudes' butts and stare at their genitalia more while they're talking. What are you waiting for? See how misandrist you are!

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