Gay Rights Opponent Sets Fire to General Mills' Lawn


In the past, extremists had a penchant for setting things on fire (three words: Salem Witch Hunt). But for 65-year-old Michael Leisner, there’s nothing quite like setting a box of cereal ablaze to protest General Mills’ support of same-sex marriage.

Deeming his Honey Nut Cheerios a “homosexual treat”, the Minnesota resident took a blowtorch to his box. Unfortunately for Leisner, he ended up getting more than he bargained for. While the cereal met a fiery fate, so did a portion of the company’s lawn and his shoes.

And the utter stupidity didn’t end there: the self-proclaimed Christian had his son record the stunt and upload it to YouTube. Approximately 300,000 views later, City Pages Minneapolis reports that the real estate broker no longer has a job to return to thanks to numerous complaints (so much for replacing those melted kicks).

Though some viewers can’t help but wonder whether the act was staged, I’m assuming they’ve never seen footage of the Dump Starbucks campaign. Plus, the Daily News points out that Leisner previously crafted a petition on DumpGeneralMills.com demanding CEO Ken Powell “stop supporting this radical social agenda”.

Either way, he can expect a visit from the Golden Valley Police Department while we’re chowing down on Cheerios.   

Image courtesy of City Pages. 

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