Sugar Rots Our Teeth (and Makes Us Happy) - BUST

We BUST staffers have a mouthful of sweet teeth-- we email each other photos of ice-cream concoctions and homemade marshmallows as if we're sending around breaking-news items. We get goodies sent to the office from time to time, but few have gotten as much attention as the stuff we recently received from Sweet Mary's. We marveled over the multicolored Caramel Chocolate Apples, which were approximately the size of a newborn baby's head, and quickly devoured a bag full of Sweets Mix (above), which is a mixture of cereal, nuts, and other sundries, all covered in melted white chocolate. We may have all earned a few new cavities, but it was well worth it. If you have a sweets lover in your life, check out the Sweet Mary's website for giftboxes and more sugar lunacy.