Bring Joy and Excitement to Your Bathroom! Featured

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Google “bathroom art” and this is the first hit you get: prints of bathtubs. Lots of bathtubs. Bathtubs filled with smiling kids or chubby women or sudsy puppies. One even has a cow in it. That’s right, a cow in a bathtub. Second hit? Shower curtains. Popular choices include one that looks like a giant television screen and says, “America’s Funniest Nude People.” And by popular, we mean gross. Let’s face it, giving artistic flair to your bathroom is a difficult endeavor with limited options. Until now... Toiluxe is the cornerstone of bathroom art, using toilet seats. Each seat is hand-painted and decoupaged and cured with an acrylic sealer to prevent water damage. No design is an exact duplicate of another. And the best part? Your neighbors don't have this.