Hey, Midwest BUSTies! Check Out These Must-See Lady-Made Flicks at Citizen Jane Film Festival


It's no secret that Hollywood is, uh, not the friendliest place for lady filmmakers--but thankfully, there are badass females doing the damn thing in indie studios and cinemas all over the world.

Citizen Jane Film Festival celebrates the incredible work of women filmmakers with three action-packed days of screenings, panels, symposiums, and parties. And you lucky, lucky Midwesterners get to enjoy it! 

This year, they're hosting films and filmmakers as diverse as Shannon Plumb (Towheads), Tia Lessin (Citizen Koch), and Yvonne Welbon (The New Black). Feminist film buffs will flip for "From the Archives," a set of screenings of second-wave feminist films hosted by Emmy-winning documentarian Julia Reichert. Citizen Jane will also feature screenings of films you'll be sure to be talking about at dinner parties to come, including the creepy A Teacher and the jaw-dropping Maidentrip.

You'll also want to stick around for the CJ Symposium, an open discussion of the challenges facing women in film and what the heck we're gonna do about it.

Don't miss out on this incredible weekend! Passes for the whole weekend (as well as individual tickets to screenings) are available online.

What female-directed film are you most looking forward to seeing this fall? Tell us, tell us!



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