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Yes, You! Let me introduce my-SELF. My name is Ghislaine "Qidada" Mahone, artist, healer and sistah to the core! I have been actively seeking healing and spiritual practice since I was 17 years of age (even before that, but that is another conversation). My husband, Jbro and I, form the award winning, Rider Against the Storm, WWW.RASHIPHOP.COM. R.A.S. tour the world with Hip Hop healing ceremonies/performances. I am a certified USUI REIKI practitioner. I received my attunements from The Spiritual Arts and Sciences Institute. The Spiritual Arts and Sciences Institute was founded by Rev. Navasha Daya, healer and musician/vocalist extraodinaire. I am an emerging Vodun priestess and energy/reader under Lakou Papillon. I assist people gaining perspective on blockages or openings in and around their lives. In other words, I am your mirror helping you see your-SELF. I provide spiritual counseling for those in need of extended guide through their internal work. My mission and passions are simple. YOU ARE YOUR ANSWER. YOU ARE A DIRECT REPRESENTATION OF THE DIVINE AND YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!!!