groovy booby

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Welcome to groovy booby! We warmly invite you to learn how you can nourish, protect and care for your breasts naturally. We hope you’ll agree that groovy booby is one of the juiciest breast care movements on the planet! It’s time for a change in how we perceive and care for our breasts. Fearfully examining our breasts for lumps once a month–or avoiding or neglecting our breasts all together–is the old paradigm. It’s time for a fresh, new approach. Let groovy booby be your inspiration. You and your “Girls” will benefit from the constant flow of loving attention and herbal protection that groovy booby provides. She who massages her breasts, knows her breasts. Regular breast massage makes lumps harder to develop, yet easier to detect. Find out what a little breast massage can do for your whole outlook on life… groovy booby is an all natural herbal breast care oil. When used as recommended, groovy booby improves breast health by boosting lymphatic circulation of the breasts, reducing swelling and relieving breast congestion. Made in small batches with naturally grown and hand-harvested herbs selected specially for breast health, groovy booby is named for its effect. Tingly wintergreen and calming lavender make every drop an exquisitely soothing yet refreshing experience. groovy booby all natural breast care oil is designed to entice every woman of every age to experience the benefits of breast massage. An informative little booklet comes with every bottle. Our mission at groovy booby is to promote breast massage as a normal and regular part of daily health care. Perhaps our awareness of breast cancer can be balanced with a new awareness of breast health. What could be groovier than that? How about groovy booby supporting children! 100% of the profit from each bottle supports For Kids’ Sake, benefiting orphans and school children in Bangladesh. To learn more visit Girls, it's time to get our groove on!